How do I subscribe to 5QChannel Reading Website? How much does it cost?


5QChannel Reading Website can be accessed with a valid membership.

For individual users, the annual subscription fee is USD140. We do have discount promotion from time to time, so please stay tuned with us!

We do have group discount for schools and multiple users, so if you have decided to subscribe to 5QChannel for more than one user, please contact us.

Want to subscribe now? Please click here, or you can write us an email (jr@5qchannel.com) for more information.


Where can I find 5QChannel’s free reading materials?


You can find our free stories and materials here:

Traditional Chinese website (Link)

Simplified Chinese website (Link)

English website (Link)

Alternatively, you can sign up for a free trial membership (Link)

The free trial membership allows you to log in to view all the contents of 5QChannel within 30 days.

If you are interested in our products and would like to explore more on 5QChannel, or you would like to sign up for multiple free trial memberships, please contact us:  jr@5qchannel.com

Your main website leads to 3 different websites that are presented in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and English. Do I need different accounts to subscribe to each website?


You have limitless access to all 3 websites with just one valid account. Enter any of them from the main website and type your account info in the log-in area, which is on the upper right corner of the site, and you are able to watch all the animations and use all the learning materials. The contents of each website are slightly different. Once logged in, you can switch to other languages anytime.

Are there stories or materials suitable for toddlers to learn Chinese?


Our company has a variety of products. Each series is categorized for learners of different Chinese language levels and ages, and you can find a suitable unit of both traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.

For younger learners, we recommend starting from Read Aloud series.


Traditional Chinese (Link)


Simplified Chinese (Link)

The units of Read Aloud have shorter passages that are easy and rhythmic, and along with animation, they will quickly draw children’s attention. By repeating with live voice, learners will soon become fluent. Read Aloud is most suitable for children as an introductory learning material.

※Here is an example of a 4-year-old boy who at the time did not speak Chinese. When watching a 5Q Animation, he read along with the texts, and afterwards, he could retell the whole story by himself. We recommend that younger beginners of Chinese start from training listening and speaking skills, and they can further strengthen reading and writing skills at an older age.

Alternatively, you can choose to start with Hanyu Pinyin, which is the essential spelling tool for learners of Chinese. In this unit, the standard pronunciation of each consonant and vowel is introduced. Additionally, we offer you illustrated vocabulary flashcards in PDF format, which are printable for children to learn with inspiring pictures.

We hope our advice is helpful for you. We provide learning materials that trigger children’s learning interest and help them to learn Chinese without burden.

What is 5QChannel Reading Website?


5QChannel Reading Website is a Chinese learning website. We produce animations that are adapted from classic Chinese literature (such as Journey to the West) and digital learning tools (such as Bopomofo and Hanyu Pinyin).


Watching animations is a quick and fun way to enhance Chinese listening and speaking skills. We aim to trigger children’s motivation to learn Chinese with the animations and other beautifully illustrated learning materials. The stories of the animations are close to the original literature, and the topics include traditional Chinese customs, nursery rhymes, classics, morals, wisdom of Confucius, Chinese festivals and so on. We endeavor to help readers around the world to understand Chinese culture and to read Chinese classics with ease.

How many stories are there on 5QChannel?


There are currently 24 series and over 690 animations online. The texts and subtitles of most of the stories are provided in three languages– traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and English. The series are as follows:

  1. Legend of the Chinese Zodiacs – (TC: 十二生肖, SC: 十二生肖)
  2. Bopomofo – (TC: ㄅㄆㄇ)
  3. Hanyu Pinyin – (TC: 漢語拼音, SC: 汉语拼音)
  4. Read Aloud – (TC: 念一念, SC: 念一念)
  5. The Trimetric Classic – (TC: 三字經, SC: 三字经)
  6. Legend – (TC: 傳奇故事, SC: 传奇故事)
  7. Flowers in the Mirror – (TC: 鏡花緣, SC: 镜花缘)
  8. Journey to the West – (TC: 西遊記, SC: 西游记)
  9. Detective Ji Xiao Lan – (TC: 妙探紀曉嵐, SC: 妙探纪晓岚)
  10. Aesop’s Fables – (TC: 伊索寓言, SC: 伊索寓言)
  11. The Legends of Chinese Festivals – (TC: 節慶傳說, SC: 节庆传说)
  12. Western Fairytales – (TC: 西洋童話, SC: 西洋童话)
  13. Chinese Folktales and Mythology – (TC: 神話志怪, SC: 神话志怪)
  14. Thirty-Six Strategies – (TC: 三十六計, SC: 三十六计)
  15. Legends of the Western Zodiacs – (TC: 十二星座, SC: 十二星座)
  16. The Legend of Lady White Snake – (TC: 白蛇傳, SC: 白蛇传)
  17. Romance of the Three Kingdoms – (TC: 三國演義, SC: 三国演义)
  18. Chinese Idioms – (TC: 成語故事, SC: 成语故事)
  19. Chinese Idioms in Manga – (TC: 成語漫畫, SC: 成语漫画)
  20. Analects of Confucius – (TC: 論語, SC: 论语)
  21. Taiwanese Folktales – (TC: 台灣童話)
  22. Chinese Fables – (TC: 寓言故事, SC: 寓言故事)
  23. Chinese poems – (TC: 詩詞)
  24. Standards for Pupils – (TC: 弟子規)


What are the differences between the traditional Chinese website, simplified Chinese website and English website of 5QChannel?


There are currently around 640 animations on the traditional Chinese website and 520 on the simplified Chinese website, the contents are mostly identical. However, Bobomofo and Taiwanese Folktales are exclusive on the traditional Chinese website.

As for the English website, we categorize the animations into different levels, and other printable learning tools such as flashcards and working sheets are also available. There are currently 150 animations and Hanyu Pinyin is exclusive on the English website.


How long is each story?


To make the reading and learning more effective, each story is about 3-5 minutes. Here are two examples of shorter stories (Chinese Idioms in Manga) and longer stories (Romance of the Three Kingdoms).

Will there be more stories on 5QChannel?


We upload 4-5 new stories and learning materials on a monthly basis. The layout and functions will also be updated. In 2008, we set up the simplified Chinese website, and in 2009, we added the English website, so readers around the world can choose the language type they want to read.

Why are some series of stories yet finished?


To make the Chinese classics easier to read, we separate longer stories into several episodes. For example, Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en, is a classic Chinese literature with a significant volume. The story is very long and complicated and was originally published in 100 volumes. To transform these stories into animations usually takes a fair amount of time to revise the original texts, design the characters, dub the voice, and so on.

Finished series:

  1. Legend of the Chinese Zodiacs – (TC: 十二生肖, SC: 十二生肖)
  2. Bopomofo – (TC: ㄅㄆㄇ)
  3. Hanyu Pinyin – (SC: 汉语拼音)
  4. Legend – (TC: 傳奇故事, SC: 传奇故事)
  5. Detective Ji Xiao Lan – (TC: 妙探紀曉嵐, SC: 妙探纪晓岚)
  6. Aesop’s Fables – (TC: 伊索寓言, SC: 伊索寓言)
  7. The Legends of Chinese Festivals – (TC: 節慶傳說, SC: 节庆传说)
  8. Western Fairytales – (TC: 西洋童話, SC: 西洋童话)
  9. Legends of the Western Zodiacs – (TC: 十二星座, SC: 十二星座)
  10. The Legend of Lady White Snake – (TC: 白蛇傳, SC: 白蛇传)
  11. Taiwanese Folktales – (TC: 台灣童話)
  12. The Trimetric Classic – (TC: 三字經, SC: 三字经)
  13. Journey to the West – (TC: 西遊記, SC: 西游记)

Unfinished series (and there will be more upcoming episodes):

  1. Flowers in the Mirror – (TC: 鏡花緣, SC: 镜花缘)
  2. Thirty-Six Strategies – (TC: 三十六計, SC: 三十六计)
  3. Romance of the Three Kingdoms – (TC: 三國演義, SC: 三国演义)
  4. Analects of Confucius – (TC: 論語, SC: 论语)
  5. Standards for Pupils – (TC: 弟子規)

Series with independent stories (and there will be more coming):

  1. Read Aloud – (TC: 念一念, SC: 念一念)
  2. Chinese Folktales and Mythology – (TC: 神話志怪, SC: 神话志怪)
  3. Chinese Idioms – (TC: 成語故事, SC: 成语故事)
  4. Chinese Idioms in Manga – (TC: 成語漫畫, SC: 成语漫画)
  5. Chinese Fables – (TC: 寓言故事, SC: 寓言故事)
  6. Chinese poems – (TC: 詩詞)

What do people think of 5QChannel?


What others say about us:

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  5. 德國閒妻涼母| 五子登科動漫閱讀網使用心得

Teachers who has chosen our website for their teaching or research:

    1. Using 5QChannel Visuals as The Speaking Activity Resource

Instructor : Joanne Chen 蘇芳儀老師
School : Irvine Valley College

    2. 動漫中文課

Instructor: 連育仁

School: 國立臺灣師範大學國語教學中心

PDF: (click to download)

    3.成语流动学习历程 “成语,动起来!”中的课程设计

Instructor: 黄龙翔

School: 新加坡国立教育学院学习科学研究所

PDF: (click to download)


Is there a sample video of children reading on 5QChannel?


Children love reading on their iPads. In the video, the boy read along with the story, acting out the story with his puppets. After about 15 minutes, he could recite the whole story! On 5QChannel, he learned not only the idiom but he can also practice his speaking ability. Although some oral mistakes were made, that was the best timing for the parents to correct and aid his learning.

Does 5QChannel has an English menu?


Yes. 5QChannel does have an English website, and the contents and layout are quite different from the Chinese websites. Aside from the animations, there are printable PDF teaching materials such as flashcards and working sheets for users to download.

English website (Link)

Does 5QChannel have animations only?


No. There are other types of learning materials aside from animation. You can see the following types of  materials from 5QChannel English menu:

  1. English menu button 1 Simplified Chinese Animation  – Animation with Simplified Chinese live voice and subtitles. (Free sample)
  2. English menu button 2 Simplified Chinese 5QBook with Pinyin  – Illustrated audiobook with page by page simplified Chinese texts and pinyin. (Free sample)
  3. English menu button 3 Simplified Chinese 5QBook   – Illustrated audiobook with page by page simplified Chinese texts only. (Free sample)
  4. English menu button 4 Traditional Chinese Animation  – Animation with traditional Chinese live voice and subtitles. (Free sample)
  5. English menu button 5 Traditional Chinese 5QBook with Pinyin  – Illustrated audiobook with page by page traditional Chinese texts and pinyin. (Free sample)
  6. English menu button 6 Traditional Chinese 5QBook with Bopomofo  – Illustrated audiobook with page by page traditional Chinese texts and Bopomofo. (Free sample)
  7. English menu button 7 Traditional Chinese 5QBook   – Illustrated audiobook with page by page traditional Chinese texts only. (Free sample)
  8. English menu button 8 English Animation  – Animation with English live voice and subtitles. (Free sample)

New features:

  1. Simplified Chinese audio – The differences of pronunciation and word choices between traditional and simplified Chinese are clarified.
  2. Read along – 5QBook, the illustrated audiobook with page by page Chinese texts and pinyin also has live voice for reader to read along with each sentence (free sample). (Howard, a four year old boy, read along with a story of 5QChannel on iPad. Ten miniutes after, he can recite the whole story and read it out loud without watching iPad.)
  3. Vocabulay list – Some stories have difficult vocabulary, and you can learn the meanings by clicking on the vocabulary (free sample).
  4. English translation – Some stories are updated with English subtitles, texts and live voice to help English speakers to understand the story before learning it in Chinese (free sample).

5QChannel offer printed learning materials?


Yes. We are now adding printable PDF flashcards, stroke order lists, working sheets and so on to 5QChannel. Also, the layout has been redesigned for your convenience to choose from simplified and traditional Chinese, and the art style has become more refreshing. Take One Two Three Four Five from Read Aloud series for example:

As you can see from our brand new page layout, we have…

Digital learning material: Animation, 5QBook, Hanzipedia (animated vocabulary dictionary), typing exercise, Powerpoint slides and MP3 file

Printable learning material: Story, comic, circling exercise (character-recognizing), character introduction sheets, stroke order lists, writing sheets

… and there are more coming in the future.


I can
t watch the animations. What should I do?


We use Flash for our animation productions. If you can’t see the contenst on our website, please download and set up Flash Player on your computer.

Do you have CD-ROMs for sale?


No. We used to, but we no longer provide CD-ROMs. You can directly download our stories on iTunes and Google Play.

Why can’t I watch the animations after logging in for a while?


To prevent your account from being stolen, the system registers the period of time after your log-in. When the computer is not in use for a while, the system signs out automatically. If you want to continue, please sign in again.

Do I need to log in again after I leave the web page?


Yes. The system automatically deletes your log-in information after you leave the page. Therefore, you need to log in again.

I want to change the details of my membership. What should I do?


If you are currently logged in, please click here to check your information. If you haven’t , please log in from 5QChannel homepage and check you details.

Chinese Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes and songs are perfect materials for younger learners of Chinese. The repetitive and catchy lyrics are easy to memorize, and most of the tunes are also familiar to American and European learners. Here’s one particular app that we recommend:

Read Aloud-Numbers

Language: Simplified and Traditional Chinese
Level: Basic
Platform: iPad
Link: click here

The app contains some of the most well-known Chinese children songs and tongue twisters. If you’d like your kids to learn Chinese in a fun way, children’s songs are beginner’s best choice. Chinese children often sing these songs and do hand gestures at the same time, and it is sometimes interactive. Basically it is like playing a game. To be more specific, this app will help children to learn the numbers 1~10 through singing. Here is a sample video clip: click here.

Bopomofo ㄅㄆㄇㄈ

If you are learning traditional Chinese, you must have heard about Bopomofo, also called Zhuyin. The phonetic system consists of 37  symbols and 5 tone marks which compose all possible pronunciations in Mandarin Chinese. Unlike the pronunciation of those who use Hanyu Pinyin, those who learn Bopomofo are less likely to be interfered by alphabetical first languages.

Does every story contains Bopomofo?

No, Bopomofo is only for the Chinese starter. Not every story contains Bopomofo. The following is our app that will help you to learn and practice Bopomofo.

iPad App: Bopomo ㄅㄆㄇ

Language: Traditional Chinese

Level: Beginner

Platform: iPad

Link: click here

This is a Bopomofo electronic learning book with a total of 37 pages (37 phonetic symbols), and there are 4 vocabulary for each symbol to help learners familiarize different combinations of the symbols. In addition, the symbol hunting game is not only fun to play, but it also trains the recognizing ability of learners.

You may also find the same Bopomofo content on our website, 5QChannel.com, here is the link. Free trial please click here.

How can I find the story contains Bopomofo?

If you are visiting the English menu, there are some stories that include Bopomofo. Please find the Traditional Chinese 5QBook with Bopomo button English menu button 6, it is the Illustrated audiobook with page by page traditional Chinese texts and Bopomo. (click here to view free sample)

Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu Festival)

 Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu Festival, is coming soon.

This public holiday celebrated by significant Chinese populations can be traced back to thousands of years ago, when Qu Yuan the loyalist was incriminated and exiled by his king. The tragic story gave rise to many customs that Chinese people do on Dragon Boat Festival. Additionally, in the story of Lady White Snake, we can observe other rituals that seem superstitious on the outside but in fact considerably practical.

Here are some apps you can find in app store. They will help you learn about the origin and traditions of Dragon boat Festival.

1. Animation – Dragon Boat (Duanwu)  Festival

Language: Simplified & Traditional Chinese
Level: Intermediate
Platform: iPad
Link: click here

This app contains 2 animated stories. The first story, Qu Yuan Drowns Himself in the River, is the best-known traditional story, and after reading the story, you will know why the festival commemorates the death of Qu Yuan.  The second story, The Custom of Hanging Mugwort and Calamus, shows the origin of these customs. In geneal, this app will show you the most essential knowledge of Dragon Boat Festival.

2. 海燕出版社:端午节 (Duanwu Festival by Haiyen Publishing Co.)

Language: Simplified & Traditional Chinese
Level: Intermediate
Platform: iPad/iPhone
iPad Link: click here
iPhone Link: click here

The app also contains the story of Qu Yuan, and the stroy is presented in the form of illustrated audio book in an different art style.

3. Animation – The Legend of Lady White Snake

Language: Simplified Chinese
Level: Intermediate
Platform: iPad
Link: click here

The Legend of Lady White Snake is a well-known Chinese legend related to Dragon Boat Festival. The story tells of a young scholar who fell in love with a beautiful woman, unaware that she was actually a white snake spirit that had taken on human form. Over the centuries the story has evolved from a horror story to a romance. The whole animated story is divided into twelve episodes. Since The Legend of Lady White Snake is adapted from a classic literature, the animated story will also help students learn about the historical contexts of the story and the literature.

4. 白蛇傳 (The Legend of Lady White Snake)

Language: Traditional Chinese
Level: Intermediate
Platform: iPad
Link: click here

This is also the animated story of The Legend of the White Snake, but this app contains only traditional Chinese content. In addition to the animations, there are comic, illustrated audio books and the original literature. If you are the traditional Chinese learner, this app will be a better learning source.


Welcome to 5QChannelapps.com!

We aim to…

  1. offer helpful information of Chinese learning on PC and mobile devices.
  2. create a relaxing environment for Chinese learners to share and discuss their experiences.
  3. provide newest updates and all you need to know about the Chinese learning materials from 5QChannel.com.

To learn more about 5QChannel’s products, please go to 5QChannel.com.