Chinese Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes and songs are perfect materials for younger learners of Chinese. The repetitive and catchy lyrics are easy to memorize, and most of the tunes are also familiar to American and European learners. Here’s one particular app that we recommend:

Read Aloud-Numbers

Language: Simplified and Traditional Chinese
Level: Basic
Platform: iPad
Link: click here

The app contains some of the most well-known Chinese children songs and tongue twisters. If you’d like your kids to learn Chinese in a fun way, children’s songs are beginner’s best choice. Chinese children often sing these songs and do hand gestures at the same time, and it is sometimes interactive. Basically it is like playing a game. To be more specific, this app will help children to learn the numbers 1~10 through singing. Here is a sample video clip: click here.



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